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Optical What? Panasonic and Sony are working on 300TB optical discs for 2015

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300gb-optical discs

Just when everyone couldn’t care less about optical discs, Sony and Panasonic has announced that they are teaming up to create a new optical disc standard, with accompanying technology, that will have a minimum storage capacity of 300GB, that’s right GIGABYTE. The duo are clearly not going to gice up, but the question is; who will use discs if there is cloud storage?

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The duo are set to target professionals with the new disc standard which is set to have a minimum storage capacity of 300GB, almost ten times that of Blu Ray discs. Panasonic and Sony have competed with their own products in the past, but apparently hope that working together will yield better results. The new optical disc standard will supposedly be ready towards the end of 2015, which is about the same time that cloud storage will rule the world. The optical discs are likely to get into consumer hands over time, with the only probable reason for anyone to get such a disc being with the use of a dated console or to back up their hard drives.

In an era where cloud storage shows promise and aims to domain the storage market, the likelihood of optical discs making a comeback are slim. Blu Ray is a wonderful standard and should be a wonderful last hurrah for the ageing technology, just like the Floppy was to card based storage. Anyone agree?

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Written by Dion Guillaume

July 29th, 2013 at 6:05 pm