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NFC rings could be the keys, cards of the future

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One ring to rule them all. NFC tags have started gaining popularity, somewhat. What if these tags were instead rings? Something you always have around and can use to share links, maybe pay for drinks or even open your house’s door? Well, that’s what John McLear’s new NFC Ring aims to do, bring ‘cool’ NFC rings to the masses.

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John McLear has invented a new NFC ring that works pretty much exactly the same as NFC tags, but are easier to carry, and can come in more shapes and sizes. The rings are made out of several layers of titanium and steel to give an optimal design, feel and look. The rings will be able to send commands to your NFC-enabled smartphone, send links to websites or business cards; all as long as you have the dedicated application to do all of this. McLear’s NFC ring is set to start production soon, with the first haul of 1,000 units taking 2 weeks to make.

All of a sudden those iRing rumours start to sounds like something we could all fall in love with…

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Written by Dion Guillaume

July 25th, 2013 at 1:05 pm