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New leaked images confirm Moto X will be third ever device to host a nano SIM slot

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Just a day before Motorola, now a Google company, is set to launch the illustrious Moto X in New York City, a new feature has been unraveled, something that may upset some prospective buyers; the upcoming uber customizable Moto X will feature support only for nano SIMs, becoming the third ever smartphone to do so.

The Moto X has come a long way since it was first rumoured as the Motorola X Phone, at the time it was marked as the Jesus phone, the ultimate smartphone, but almost a year later, it’s old news. Leaks continue to heighten as the device is set to be officially launched tomorrow, August 1 in New York City. The Moto X will not only join the Apple iPhone 5 and ASUS PadFone Infinity to become the third smartphone ever to feature the technology, but it will also irritate some prospective buyer who had just gotten used to the idea of a micro SIM. The Moto X is also set to feature pixel oversampling in its camera, but instead of compressing 7 pixels into one like the Nokia Lumia 1020, it will compress 4 pixels into 1, which still isn’t that bad.

The Moto X is set to become the first ever mass produced smartphone that is made in the US and with its loads of customization options, it’s likely to become a hot product in the midrange sectors. As it’s likely to remain a US-only device, the rest of the world will have to settle for a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini or HTC One Mini.

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Written by Dion Guillaume

July 31st, 2013 at 8:12 am