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Google kills Chromecast Netflix promotion due to overwhelming demand

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Google’s latest foray into the video streaming realm has taken a turn for the worse. The $35 Chromecast dongle, which included 3 months of free Netflix streaming, has suffered an overwhelming demand, which in turn has caused Google to end the promotion that included 3 months of free Netflix streaming, which may upset some.

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The Google Chromecast streaming device is pretty simple, it connects to your nearest WiFi hotspot and then streams all your favourite content from the web, one of the main attractions of the device was the promotion that included three months of free Netflix access, something which cost pretty much the same as the device itself. Google has stopped the promotion after the device was completely sold out. “Due to overwhelming demand for Chromecast devices since launch, the 3-month Netflix promotion (which was available in limited quantities) is no longer available,” the company said in an official statement.

Of course everyone who bought the device before the promotion ended, will still get their Netflix subscription, but will anyone buy the Chromecast now that it doesn’t have it?

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Written by Dion Guillaume

July 25th, 2013 at 6:16 pm