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Budget iPhone allegedly shown off, includes supposed prices

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The illustrious iPhone Mini is back, this time with some ‘official’ looking images and colors, a glimpse of their iOS 7 UI and some pricing that shows that it’s not so budget friendly after all.

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The iPhone Mini, as it’s been dubbed, has been rumoured for months as the holy budget friendly Apple iPhone variant for the masses, until Pegatron’s CEO noted that, like the iPad Mini, it won’t be so cheap after all. Sony Dickson, known for accuracy when it comes to Apple leaks, has got his hands on some pricing options that aren’t too bad, just not too friendly either.

The 16GB iPhone Mini is set to cost $349, the 32GB iPhone Mini ill be $449 and the 64GB will go for $549, quite a scratch cheaper than the current iPhone pricing and the current budget iPhone, the 8GB iPhone 4 at $450.

The image above is also apparently an official screenshot of the iPhone mini product page noting that it runs on iOS 7, although the different UI from what we have seen of iOS 7 this far look like that myth may be busted.

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Written by Dion Guillaume

July 3rd, 2013 at 12:51 pm