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5 reasons ShatterProof is the right screen protector for you!

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have undoubtedly heard of our ShatterProof screen protectors. It’s been on NBC’s Today Show, as well as featured on Engadget, CNET, iMore and more. Let’s look at why ShatterProof is right for you!

Have you tried out the next best thing for your phone/tablet? Take a look at our Amzer ShatterProof screen protectors!


Nothing better than getting premium products at discounted prices, but what if that product is Amzer ShatterProof and the discount is 50%? Well, then we have a party. Until Friday, Amzer customers will be able to purchase select ShatterProof screen protectors starting at $14.98. What could be better than that?

Ultimate Protection

What’s better than this week’s Mega Sale? Quality. Our Amzer ShatterProof screen protectors are made of the utmost quality to bring you the ultimate protection. Made from high quality urethane, ShatterProof makes use of dissipation to absorb the shock waves from bumps and falls. It will not crack, break or shatter. It truly is ShatterProof.

Slim Design

At just 0.2mm, ShatterProof is extremely thin. Amzer’s Full Body option gives you all round protection without adding any noticeable bulk. What’s better is the fact that it’s made of a clear film, so you don’t miss out on your device’s unique design.

Cost Effectiveness

Let’s say you are the proud owner of an iPhone 5. You love your phone very much and spent quite a bit of green on it, but accidentally drop it. Now you have to fork out $229 for Apple to take it back and give you someone else’s old one. All that unbacked up data lost. For just $14.98 (this week at least), you can save a lot of money, time and hassle by protecting your device with Amzer ShatterProof.

Healing Properties

Hate those pesky bubbles you often get when applying your brand new screen protector? Well, Amzer ShatterProof has unique healing properties that rid your screen of the pesky bubbles within 48 hours of being applied. No need to ruin it with continuous reapplication. Additionally, ShatterProof heals itself from scratches, how awesome is that?

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