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Nokia ‘EOS’ camera phone may launch with metal body

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The internet has been abuzz about Nokia’s next flagship smart phone which will supposedly carry the same camera last seen on its revolutionary Nokia 808 PureView device last year. With the Symbian powered device set to be discontinued soon, the company will supposedly launch a new camera smart phone carrying the ‘EOS’ codename.

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The Nokia Lumia ‘EOS’ has leaked plenty of times in the last few weeks and has only been seen with a polycarbonate plastic body to date, but the latest supposed leak of the device shows off a metal body and replaces the ‘XX’ wording on the lens with 41MP leading many to believe that it is a final prototype or an early production model. The image clearly shows of a brushed metal bodied Nokia device with a 41MP camera, most likely the same or similar sensor to what was seen on the Nokia 808 PureView.

The Nokia Lumia ‘EOS’ is expected to launch on July 11 in New York at Nokia’s ‘ZOOM. REINVENTED” event.

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Written by Dion Guillaume

June 14th, 2013 at 10:51 am