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HTC UK and Samsung UK start tweet war just for LG UK to have the last say

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The Android smart phone wars have been heating up as of late, with most OEMs offering great products as of late. Last night  HTC however was awarded with the ‘Hottest Phone of 2013′ award at the Mobile Awards, leaving HTC UK to gloat and poke fun at Samsung on Twitter, until things started heating up.

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Earlier today HTC UK took to Twitter to celebrate their victory as the “Hottest Phone of 2013″ at the Mobile Awards, adding “Ouch Samsung UK” to the end of their tweet. Samsung UK was quick to respond, noting that they had ‘let’ HTC win the award as they had already won three other awards. Not long afterwards HTC decided to shoot back with a quick reply, mentioning Samsung’s bribery of students to create falsified reviews of their competitors’ products, noting that they may be in for a “pay rise,” the replies between the two stopped, but that didn’t stop LG UK from sending a tweet of their own containing a link to the Nexus 4 as well as an image saying “Calm down dears! It’s only a phone!”

HTC, LG and Samsung are all significantly large players in the smart phone arena and the Android playground alike, but dishing out childish comments such as these instead of letting the phones speak for themselves just shows you that a tree is only as strong as its weakest branch and these branches are cracking.

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Written by Dion Guillaume

June 7th, 2013 at 6:50 pm