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Microsoft XBox One unveiled, Halo TV series and more to come

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Microsoft last night unveiled the successor to their eight year-old XBox 360 console, which still remains the best selling console in the US. The new XBox One brings along BluRay support, video streaming, a new generation of games and the sad news that XBox 360 games will not be supported.

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The Microsoft XBox One appears to be the next console of choice with its wide variety of new, cutting edge features. It comes with an octa core AMD-based processor, 8GB of RAM, a BluRay drive, 500GB of storage and more. The new XBox is four times quieter than its predecessor and although it will support used games and offline gameplay, it will not support existing XBox 360 games, which may influence its initial line up of games. The XBox One shows promise for the console market, which is facing strong competition from mobile gaming and new budget offerings such as the Ouya. No release date or pricing has been revealed, but it should be revealed at next month’s E3 conference.

Microsoft also announced its plans for a Halo TV series directed by the big man himself, Steven Spielberg. More details are also expected in the near future, but its likely to be a XBox exclusive.

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Written by Dion Guillaume

May 22nd, 2013 at 6:23 am