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Microsoft tries to make the Surface Pro more attractive with new 256GB offering and more

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The Microsoft Surface proved to be a failure thanks to Windows RT and the overpriced Surface Pro has failed to capture the market as much as Microsoft has hoped. So, Redmond has stepped up their game with an even more expensive version that they launched in Japan today, a 256GB variant of the Surface Pro.

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June 7 will reportedly be the day the Surface Pro 256GB will go on sale for the very first time, on Japanese shores though. The Surface Pro will be available in a much larger variant, but of course it will still pack a ridiculous price tag; $1,175 to be exact. Microsoft hopes that including the pressure-sensitive stylus and Office 2013 for all versions will sweeten the deal enough that users may opt for the tablet over the current supreme ruler in the tablet world; the Apple iPad, with its 128GB offering being the closest rival.

Users will finally be able to use Adobe Photoshop with its stylus support, but it remains to be seen if users will go for a Windows 8 tablet, which has been criticized for its memory usage, short battery life and all round bulk compared to ARM powered offerings.

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Written by Dion Guillaume

May 29th, 2013 at 10:00 am