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BlackBerry Z10 application saves two ducklings in Canada

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BlackBerry has been all about the applications as of late, it seems to have paid off for two ducklings trapped in a storm drain in BlackBerry’s home country that were saved using an application on the company’s new BlackBerry Z10.

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Two ducklings have BlackBerry’s focus on applications to thank for their lives after the duo fell in a storm drain earlier this week in Windsor, Ontario. The ducklings and their mother were walking on a local street when a resident noticed that the two duckling had disappeared. Hearing noise from a nearby storm drain, Michael Williams was quick to jump in and help. He heard the duckling move into a pipe leading underground, away from the reservoir, so he quickly jumped onto his BlackBerry Z10 and looked for a duck calling application, he found it and while it downloaded, he contacted the City of Windsor.

The application kept the ducklings from wondering off and disappearing into a set of deep underground pipes until a city worker came to make a daring rescue. The ducklings were taken out with a net and placed in a nearby field, reunited with their mother. As the ducklings were minors, they declined to comment, but appeared relieved.

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Written by Dion Guillaume

May 25th, 2013 at 8:47 am