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Amzer® Rubberized Blue Snap On Crystal Hard Case

Amzer® Rubberized Blue Snap On Crystal Hard Case for Huawei Mercury M886

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Made by : AMZER
Part No : AMZ93201
UPC Code : 8903384050123
Available Colors
  • Blue
  • Pink
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  • Cricket Huawei Mercury M886
  • Huawei Mercury M886
Meet AMZER’s most recent addition to the wireless universe. The Rubberized Snap On Case gives you the best of both worlds, combining a hard plastic shell with a thin layer of soft rubberized material giving your Huawei the ultimate in protection. The smooth surface provides you with a lasting grip on your phone and exact cutouts allow speedy access to critical controls. Designed specifically for your Huawei, hugging every curve, it will safeguard your device without adding extra bulk. So say good-bye to accidental bumps and scratches on your phone. Protecting your new gadget has never been this easy. Get your Snap On Case for your Huawei today!


AMZER Product Review:

Overview: This Rubberized Snap-On Case by AMZER provides the toughness and durability of hard shell cases with a great feel and sleek design for your Huawei Mercury M886 .

Durability: There isn’t a whole lot here, and that’s what keeps it tough. Each half of the case is very durable and can be bent without and signs of snapping or permanent damage, although bending isn’t something they should experience much in normal use. In addition, the rubberized exterior is extremely resistant to scratches and dents. I rubbed both scissors and keys across the material and after wiping the exterior with my hand for a brief moment, what little mark there was had vanished.

Design/Functionality: The design is fairly simple; its two pieces of molded plastic, much like many of the hard shell and crystal snap on cases; but instead of being pure plastic it is coated with a sturdy material that gives it a rubber feel. This material not only increases the shock resistant nature of the underlying materials but also gives it a very unique feel in the hand. The material is quite slick normally, but normal perspiration on your hands during your Huawei Mercury M886  usage makes it significantly easier to grip and keeps the Huawei Mercury M886  from flying out of your hands.

The form factor is extremely small, and all in all it will only add a tad over three millimeters (1/8th of an inch) to the thickness of the Huawei Mercury M886 , but is so light as almost not to be noticeable. In addition; the slim nature of the case doesn’t hinders the use of the Huawei Mercury M886 ’s keys, or ports. The cases are extremely well sized and fit perfectly, making sure that the Huawei Mercury M886  still lives up to the original manufacturer’s design.The case stays on extremely well, but a little bit of correctly applied pressure and it comes right off. Meaning you don’t have to pull out a pair of pliers, break a nail or break the case to get it off if you need to.

Conclusion: If you’re looking for a snap-on case that not only feels great in the hand, but can let you just throw your Huawei Mercury M886  into your pocket or purse, this is a great case by AMZER for you. Just combine it with a screen protector and you’ll be good to go.


  • The AMZER rubberized snap on case will give your Huawei Mercury M886  a different life, savor or taste!
  • Perfect fit and a shiny, sleek look keep your Huawei Mercury M886  protected and accessible.
  • Allows you to plug your charger, cable or headset without removing the case.
  • Stylish, bold design and sleek edges fit like a second skin on your Huawei Mercury M886 .
  • Always keep your Huawei Mercury M886  from scratches, drops, and falls.
  • All you do is snap the 2 pieces onto the Huawei Mercury M886  and you’re set!
  • Easy snap-on installation requires no additional tools.
  • Installation will take only seconds.
  • Soft, heavy-duty, Rubberized Finish the snap on case.
  • Custom made to fit your Huawei Mercury M886  perfectly.
  • Different colors available for your convenience.


  • Material: Rubberized material.
  • 2 pieces of Snap-On Case.
  • Custom cutouts.
  • Manufacturer: AMZER.
  • Color: Blue.
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