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Amzer® Rotating Desktop Charging Cradle

Amzer® Rotating Desktop Charging Cradle

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Made by : AMZER
Part No : AMZ82378
UPC Code : 8903384021321
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  • ATT iPhone 3G
  • ATT iPhone 3G S
  • iPhone 3G
  • iPhone 3G S
Charge, sync and rotate your Apple iPhone 3G with this amazingly convenient cradle from AMZER. This clever little charger rotates your device 90 degrees, firmly holding your 3G in a landscape or portrait mode. This cradle also features Smart Charge technology which allows your device to charge very quickly. All you do is connect the included USB cable to the back of the cradle and connect to your PC, Mac or notebook. The USB cable doubles as a wall charger when paired with the included wall adapter. Stay connected with AMZER's Rotating Desktop Charging Cradle.


AMZER Product Review:

Looking for a great way to keep iPhone 3G/ 3G S always at your fingertips and fully charged? The AMZER Desktop Charging Cradle with Extra Battery charger for your iPhone 3G/ 3G S provides a simple and elegant solution for all your cradle needs.

First, the cradle comes with both a cradles USB charging cable and a wall adapter, and both cables are appropriately long for either a nearby computer or a wall outlet. There is one small thing you should be aware of: the extra battery compartment wont charge unless plugged in directly to the outlet due to the low power generated by the USB output.

The design is very convenient to use, just slide the iPhone 3G/ 3G S right in, gravity does the work for you, no fuss, no moss, no extra cables, and no nothing. Additionally, I really like the independent lights for both the battery compartment and the iPhone 3G/ 3G S itself which lets you know everything is working and charging correctly at all times.

This cradle is very handy and doesnt impede usability at all, and makes for a great platform to watch movies, listen to music, make calls on the speakerphone or just keep your iPhone 3G/ 3G S within easy reach at the home or office.


  • AMZER desktop cradle with Smart charge technology!
  • Charges your iPhone 3G/ 3G S very quickly than ever.
  • A perfect complement for mobile professionals.
  • LED indicator tells you the charging status.
  • Designed specially to fit with your iPhone 3G/ 3G S.
  • Portable Design makes it suitable for travelers and business users.
  • Allows you to display your handheld in style and charge at the same time.
  • Charge your iPhone 3G/ 3G S on your desk in the office, or at home.
  • All the time ensures fully charged extra battery on hand.
  • Charge your iPhone 3G/ 3G S and a spare battery all at once.
  • For Synchronization simply connect the cable which is included with the cradle to any USB port on the PC, Mac, or Notebook.


  • Spare battery charging slot.
  • LED charging indicator.
  • Wall Charger included.
  • Manufacturer: AMZER.


  • Extra battery sold separately.
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