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Amzer® Multifunctional Battery Charger

Amzer® Multifunctional Battery Charger

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Made by : AMZER
Part No : 3620
UPC Code : 8903384042524
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  • ATT Palm Centro
  • ATT Palm Pre Plus
  • Palm Centro
  • Palm Centro 685
  • Palm Pre
  • Palm Pre Plus
  • Sprint Palm Centro 685
  • Sprint Palm Pre
  • Treo 800w
  • Verizon Palm Centro 685
  • Verizon Palm Pre Plus
Finally! A perfect and compact solution to keeping your phone powered up throughout the day. Start charging your spare battery with this highly functional AMZER Battery Charger for Palm/Treo smartphones. The slim and sleek spare battery charger is the perfect accessory and removes the hassle of having to continuously charge your phone throughout the day to keep it powered up. It’s easy to use, simply put in a battery inside the charger and plug into any wall outlet. During the charge you will see the red light on the front of the charger (which denotes that the battery is still charging). Once the battery is fully charged the light on the front will turn green and your battery is ready to go! Save time throughout the day by carrying a spare charged battery (battery sold separately). Plus, the charger has a USB Slot, which can be used to plug in your USB charging cable (not included) so you can charge your Palm/Treo simultaneously while your battery is charging as well. Now, whether you’re on the go, at home or at work, your battery life is one thing you will never have to worry about!


AMZER Product Review:

Looking for a great way to charge your battery or a backup battery without using the actual Palm Treo device? The AMZER Battery Charger is the solution you are looking for. These external battery chargers are becoming more and more popular these days and are being produced for a wide variety of Palm Treo devices, and this one has some interesting design elements to spice it up a little. But first, what I like the most about this model the most is that is has a USB port right on it, letting you plug in a USB cable so you dont lose an outlet. So with this unit you can not only charge a backup battery (another great item to have), but also your phone as well, so in effect this is not one, but two different devices! 

Overall, this unit is extremely convenient, right down to the plug itself. Unlike the traditional plug on most gadgets, this one has a folding design, meaning the plug folds in and out, making it extremely convenient for traveling, especially when youre tight on room. The dock is also a one way design, so you can only put the battery in the correct way; after all, putting the battery in backwards will not get anything done, while on the other hand the battery compartment has a handy cut out that makes the battery easy to remove, but holds it firmly in place otherwise. And just to top off this handy package, it has a handy light on top so you know everything is working properly.

Also, just to give it a little flare two of the sides have opaque windows, giving you a cool little view into the circuit board and workings of the device.

This is an extremely handy little device and a great alternative to charging your Palm Treo and your backup batteries in the old fashioned, one at a time, method.

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