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Amzer® Kristal™ Mirror Screen Protector

Amzer® Kristal™ Mirror Screen Protector for LG Versa LX9600

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Made by : AMZER
Part No : AMZ83501
UPC Code : 8903384006847
  • LG Versa LX9600
  • Verizon LG Versa LX9600
The Mirror Screen Protector is a great way to keep your phone's LCD Screen scratch-free and brilliant! Made of a thermo-plastic polymer, the Mirror Screen Protector protects your phone screen from scratches and dust, without compromising navigational control of your touch screen. The Mirror Screen Protector comes with a soft cleaning cloth, allowing you to remove dust or debris from your screen before applying the Screen Protector. The Mirror Screen Protector uses a static-adhesive that will not leave a residue when removed and makes installation error-proof. A unique feature that separates this screen guard from others is that the screen is designed to double as a mirror. This Mirror Screen Protector reflects just like a regular mirror when the screen is turned off and displays your screen when turned on. Perfect for discreetly checking your appearance or for subtly looking over your shoulder!


AMZER Product Review:

Today I’m going to take a look at the AMZER Mirror Screen Protector with Cleaning Cloth, a screen protector that not only does a great job protecting your LG Versa LX9600, but also gives you something handy to always have on you: a mirror.

Using it is very simple, you simply clean the device (using the included microfiber cleaning cloth) remove the first side of the adhesive, align it on the screen using the speaker as a guide, attach it, smooth out the bubbles and remove the other side of the adhesive. After 24 hours or so, if you applied is correctly, it should be nice, smooth, and bubble free. If you do mess up, you can take if off and reapply it, as long as it doesn’t get dirty. Of course, the great part about this screen protector is it is very reflective, when off, the phone is basically a mirror, but once on, most of the reflectivity disappears. It does offer great protection though while still being very usable (I actually like the screen more with the screen protector due to its slick feel), and its not terribly hard to remove when/if it gets damaged.

In conclusion, this is a great product for anyone who wants to keep up with their appearance, spy on people around corners and keep their device safe and clean.


• AMZER Mirror Screen Protector is like a mirror that prevents your Touch screen from getting scratched.
• This screen protector is made of thermo-plastic polymer.
• Looks and works like a mirror when your phones screen is shut off.
• Once the screen is activated, screen contents appear like normal.
• Soft cleaning cloth - to remove dust or debris from your screen before applying the Screen Protector.
• Error-proof installation - Easy to apply with no bubbles.
• Non-adhesive backing will not leave residue when removed.
• Custom designed to fit your Touch Screen.


• Mirror screen protector.
• Material: Thermo plastic polymer.
• Soft cleaning cloth.
• Manufactured by: AMZER.

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