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Amzer® CRUSTA™ Rugged Case Purple on White Shell Tempered Glass with Holster

Amzer® CRUSTA™ Rugged Case Purple on White Shell Tempered Glass with Holster for Samsung GALAXY S5 SM-G900

Price: $ 45.00
SKU: 300053
Shipping Time : Available
3-4 business days
Made by : Amzer
Part No : AMZ300053
UPC Code : 8903384084067
Available Colors
  • Pale Red/ Blue
  • Pale Red/ Yellow
  • Pale Red/ Purple
  • Pale Red/ Green
  • Pale Red/ White
  • Pale Red/ Black
  • Pale Red/ Red
  • Black/ Blue
  • Black/ Yellow
  • Black/ Purple
  • Black/ Green
  • Black/ White
  • Black/ Black
  • Black/ Red
  • Blue/ Blue
  • Blue/ Yellow
  • Blue/ Purple
  • Blue/ Green
  • Blue/ White
  • Blue/ Black
  • Blue/ Red
  • Grey/ Blue
  • Grey/ Yellow
  • Grey/ Purple
  • Grey/ Green
  • Grey/ White
  • Grey/ Black
  • Grey/ Red
  • Magenta/ Blue
  • Magenta/ Yellow
  • Magenta/ Purple
  • Magenta/ Green
  • Magenta/ White
  • Magenta/ Black
  • Magenta/ Red
  • Purple/ Blue
  • Purple/ Yellow
  • Purple/ Purple
  • Purple/ Green
  • Purple/ White
  • Purple/ Black
  • Purple/ Red
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  • ATT Samsung GALAXY S5 SM-G900A
  • Boost Mobile Samsung GALAXY S5 SM-G900P
  • MetroPCS Samsung GALAXY S5 SM-G900T
  • Samsung GALAXY S5 SM-G900
  • Sprint Samsung GALAXY S5 SM-G900P
  • T-Mobile Samsung GALAXY S5 SM-G900T
  • US Cellular Samsung GALAXY S5 SM-G900R4
  • Verizon Samsung GALAXY S5 SM-G900V
  • Virgin Mobile Samsung GALAXY S5 SM-G900P
AMZER Crusta™ is a first* of its kind multilayered smartphone case, consisting of four functional layers made of high quality material. Each layer has a unique protective function. Crusta™'s 4­ layer protection is a result of months of research & development with actual users. Crusta™ is not only great for protecting your smartphone, it is also great for adding the overtone of style, color and oomph to your smartphone. With Crusta™ you are spoilt for choice, you can suit your style and pick your favorite colors out of the 42 exciting color combinations. With Crusta™ you get our bestselling Tempered Glass Screen Protector as well as a 360o Holster making Crusta™ a true all rounder. Crusta™ is your smartphones protective companion for daily rumble and tumble as well as for some off beat adventure. Crusta™ provides unmatched tri-functional protection without compromising on style or functionality unlike any other smartphone case in the market.

* Utility Patent Pending (Serial No. 62/016,615)


Layer 1 - Tempered Glass Screen Protector

If you are looking to go High Definition, then AMZER Kristal™ Tempered Glass Protector with Beveled 3D™ edges is for you. With superior German and Japanese materials you get high grade scratch and impact protection (rated 8H) with an unmatched touch experience. Optically Clear Adhesive (OCA) ensures HD clarity on your smartphone.

Layer 2 - Embedded Tempered Glass Hard Shell Case

AMZER Crusta™ is all about stylish protection, the Hard Shell Case offered with Crusta™ is the core protective layer with an integrated protective Tempered Glass Backing it is first of its kind and believe it or not is only 1.1 mm thick. The Shell Case is made of superior quality toughened PolyCarbonate for tenacious protection. It also has Anti-Fingerprint (AF) Coating to keep it clean and shiny. With special ergonomic slots, opening the Hard Shell case is a breeze. Offered in 7 stylish colors with built in Anti-Splinter Film, Hard Shell is built to protect!

Layer 3 - Textured Finish TPR Ring

Crusta™s engineered for superior Army Grade™ Protection, the functional tri-layer impact protection is achieved by an outer layer made of a highly impact resistant TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) materials with Nano Air Cushion Technology for superior drop protection. Crusta™s TPR Ring provides a unique textured look and feel to the case with specially earmarked soft areas for the easy pressing of buttons. TPR Ring not only enhances the protection quotient, but also provides superior grip. TPR Ring has precisely cut plugs for all the ports which double up as dust protectors. Available in 6 exciting colors, you are sure to find your favourite combination!

Layer 4 - 360o Functional Belt Clip Holster

Crusta™ comes with a re­designed and evolved Holster which allows you to buckle your device in any orientation to your belt when on the go or at work, the holster has 360o swivelling belt clip to suit your comfort. The Holster is offered in a definitive black color and can accommodate your phone with its facing inward and outward, both. Crusta™s Holster is the final layer which truly makes Crusta™ an all rounder.

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21 Jul 2014

This case is bang on value for money, much better than otter box which is more expensive i love it.. Just wish it was also available for my wifes iPhone.

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21 Jul 2014

This is a fantastic product I love it for my S5!

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21 Jul 2014

Amzer® CRUSTA™ Rugged Case Black on Blue Shell Tempered Glass with Holster

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