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Amzer® Anywhere Magnetic Vehicle Mount

Amzer® Anywhere Magnetic Vehicle Mount for Samsung GALAXY S5 SM-G900

Price: $ 19.95
SKU: 96877
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Made by : Amzer
Part No : AMZ96877
UPC Code : 8903384073610

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  • ATT Samsung GALAXY S5 SM-G900A
  • Boost Mobile Samsung GALAXY S5 SM-G900P
  • MetroPCS Samsung GALAXY S5 SM-G900T
  • Samsung GALAXY S5 SM-G900
  • Sprint Samsung GALAXY S5 SM-G900P
  • T-Mobile Samsung GALAXY S5 SM-G900T
  • US Cellular Samsung GALAXY S5 SM-G900R4
  • Verizon Samsung GALAXY S5 SM-G900V
  • Virgin Mobile Samsung GALAXY S5 SM-G900P
Not just for your vehicle, the Amzer® Anywhere Mount gives you the power to securely mount your smart phone Anywhere you chose. We know keeping tabs on your Samsung GALAXY S5 can get a bit hectic at times, with juggling family, career and health. So it was inevitable that Amzer® create a dependable smart phone mount that can be used wherever and for whatever your life calls for. Enter the Amzer® Anywhere Mount. Consisting of a 7500 Gauss Magnet, a 3M adhesive mount and a form fit smart phone cradle, life just got a whole lot easier! Secure the 3M adhesive mount to the location of your choice, the phone cradle and magnet then easily attaches to the 3M mount. The cradle can be rotated 360º, for a landscape or portrait view. Your phone is easily removed thanks to the simple to use spring release. Ideal for securing in your vehicle for hands free driving or attaching to the refrigerator at home while cooking or storing inside your locker at the gym when working out. Wherever you may need your smart phone, the Amzer® Anywhere Mount can safely keep it there for you. All controls and ports are fully accessible while your device is safely mounted in your car. Inspired by real life, this mount is perfect for home, the gym, work and your car!
Note: Will not accomodate devices with protective cases on.



  • The Amzer Anywhere Mount is a custom fit mount for your Samsung Galaxy S5!
  • An innovative alternative mount for your device.
  • Includes 3M adhesive magnet, magnetic phone mount and custom fit Samsung Galaxy S5 cradle.
  • The mount attaches to your desired location.
  • Perfect for the car, home or gym.
  • Great for road trips or your daily commute.
  • Mounts to ANY clean, dry surface.


  • Product Type: Anywhere Magnetic Vehicle Mount.
  • Manufacturer: Amzer.
  • Part No.: AMZ96877.
  • Color: Black.

Installation Steps:

Choose a location to install your Anywhere Mount.
Secure the 3M adhesive mount to the location of your choice. Remove the 3M paper backing and firmly press the sticky side onto your location. Ensure that the side with silver magnet is facing outward.
Take the remaining magnetic mount attachment and firmly slide the raised portion (indented side first) into the back of the phone holder. Ensure that the side with 4 round magnets is facing outward.
Insert your device into the custom fit phone holder face out.
Attach the phone holder with magnetic attachment to the secured 3M mount in a landscape or portrait view.
Remove phone as needed from the phone holder.

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